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In line with a policy to openly present any number of informed education views, the debate on charter schools isn’t going away.

This week we see an article from Jessica Craig titled ‘Charter schools reminiscent of a separatist society’. As an immigrant to New Zealand from South Africa, Jessica sees the move to incorporate charter schools as further fracturing our education system. She compares that to the South Africa she left, which still had Nelson Mandela languishing in prison and a society deeply divided by race and language.

The charter schools debate continues elsewhere as some business supporters see it as a remedy for education. The New Zealand Herald report that charter school students outperform their public school peers in some area – see story here – while Wendy Lecker summarises in the Stamford Advocate, "The verdict is in, and it is the same as four years ago... The vast majority of charter schools in the United States are no better than public schools".

Charter schools remain up for debate

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